Monday, 12 September 2016

Mother beats her nine old week son to death and commits suicide

Kristen Bury, 33 is known for killing her son. Chance her son was only nine weeks old when she beat him to death in a remote woods.
His body was later found  in diapers in a shallow grave a month after he was reported missing.

She was later convicted of murder and sentence to 25 years behind bars. Less than a year into her sentence, she killed herself mail gathered. 

The sheriff's office says deputies found Bury unresponsive in her cell on Saturday morning. 
They performed CPR, but she was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

In a statement, Lt. Joe Giasone said the initial investigation 'indicates a suicide.' An autopsy is planned.  

Her husband, Joseph Walsh, is yet to face trial in Chance's death. Bury was expected to testify as part of a deal with prosecutors. The couple were arrested after Bury's mom called police that she feared for the child's life.

Bury's mom regretted the daughter's actions and said she was given a light sentence as a mother is supposed to protect her child and she didn't do that. She also did not comment on her death later on when it happened.
Prosecutors fear the case will prove difficult now that the mother is dead. They fear it might be dismissed.


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