Monday, 5 September 2016

Mom posts heart wrenching pictures of her daughter to warn others of the dangers of drinking and post goes viral

A loving mom went to the extreme of warning people especially teenagers of the dangers of alcohol.

She took the extra step after her 15 year old daughter nearly died after binge drinking over the weekend.

The mother, Melissa Aho told FOX25 that  her daughter Ryleigh Ackles had earlier on told her she was out with friends for a sleep over.Unfortunately her daughter who hardly goes out and is regarded among peers as a good girl was not lucky.  She was the last person anyone will eel this wil happen to she said.

She later received a Facebook message from her daughter's friend around 1.00am telling her Ryleigh had passed out.She tried getting more information to no avail.
A Gardner mother warning against the dangers of alcohol overdose after her 15-year-old daughter nearly died after binge drinking over the weekend.

Fifteen-year-old Ryleigh Ackles told her mother she was hanging out with friends and was going to a sleepover.
"Everybody thinks this would never happen to my child. Ryleigh's a good girl. She doesn't go out to friends' houses much," she told FOX25.

Later, her mother received a Facebook message at 1 a.m. from a friend that had received a phone call. Someone on the phone had told her Ryleigh was passed out.When they got her to her mom's driveway, she was foaming and vomiting in her mouth.

She was already unconscious and was bleeding from her eyes. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctors tested her blood and found out she had .28 alcohol level after drinking Ciroc vodca FOX25 at 5 reports.

According to CDC 6 people die a day from alcohol poisoning.Ryleigh's conditon according to her mom is not far from death because at .30 and BAC which can be reached after 6drinks.

Aho’s powerful Facebook post outlined how when her daughter became sick, they were scared and hesitated to call for help. Fortunately one girl, who didn’t know Ryleigh well, helped find a way to contact her.

“She didn't care about getting in trouble herself, she wanted to get her the help she so desperately needed, the other kids who left her I'm sure were scared and didn't realize the severity of her condition at the time,” she wrote.

As reported on FOX25 at 6, symptoms of alcohol overdose include confusion; difficulty remaining conscious; vomiting; seizures; trouble with breathing; slow heart rate; clammy skin and dulled responses.

Even when someone passes out or goes to sleep, they’re BAC can rise to fatal levels. Ryleigh woke up after days when the alcohol cleared from her system and she is expected to make a full recovery.


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