Monday, 5 September 2016

Michael Jackson appears in daughter's selfie

The King of Pop took his last breath in 2009 from a heart attack after he overdosed on his prescription and it left the whole world in shock.
He was expected to perform at a residency tour at O2 in London titled 'This is it'.

Daily mail gathered that it could be possible the beloved singer could be alive and well.

His daughter Paris Jackson 18  posted a selfie in her car and people are now claiming that there is a shadowy form at the backseat of her car and it seems its her dad 'Michael'. They claim he has resurrected.

 Her followers gave diferent versions of what they thought with one asking 'Who's that in the backseat???? Another said@ Oh my god,Michael Jackson is it really you? As many felt the shadowy figure could be a ghost.

More comments kept coming and garnered about 1,000 likes.One user stressed that he was right the singer is alive saying:'I told everyone that he was alive but no,one believed me'.And they now know he's alive.'

Another person rolled their eyes at his fellow Instagram users, laughing: 'How many people get fooled by silly hoaxes on the net!'This comes after an incident in May where a video was created  claiming to contain multiple photos of the Thriller singer immersed in a crowd on different occasions.

The video entitled 'Michael Jackson appears after seven years (2016) with proof', claims the fallen star could be hiding out in Canada or Africa, and has well over 870,000 hits.


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