Friday, 2 September 2016

Man smuggles rice as dead bodies in a coffin

The ban on rice importation has seen some farmers go into rice farming while other traders still try to smuggle in rice.

 Moses Degbogbahun was caught by customs officers at Seme boarder and arrested for carry 11 50kg bags of rice in place of a corpse in his Volvo ambulance. The car had a Lagos registration DV 74EKY.

According  to Sun he ran out of luck when he was subjected to thorough searching by the customs officers. Sources reveal the new comptroller of customs threathened Hameed Ali the officer in charge of Seme boarder that he will be seriously dealt with if a grain of rice enters the country hence the thorough search unlike before to avoid his job being put in jeopardy.

He went further three weeks ago to sign an agreement with the Beninoise government to the effect that any ship from Benin ports must be escorted by the Benin Customs and handed over to Nigerian Customs and also threatened to stop trade relations between countries that encourage smuggling.

Many importers who smuggled are living in regrets now as over N1billion worth of rice are trapped in warehouses in Cotonou and Benin Republic  due to the new policy.

This tough stance by the Nigerian government had put the importers against their bankers because most of them borrowed  to import the goods. They had targeted the ‘ember’ months – the Eid-del Kabir and Christmas festivities – to flood Nigerian  markets with imported rice. These bags, it was discovered, have been warehoused for over six months under an unwholesome  condition


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