Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Man impregnates daughter and kills her afterwards

A 50 year old father not only committed incense but murder at the same time.
Its so sad because a father is supposed to protect and love his child. The child he brought to earth. The child did not ask to be brought to earth to suffer.

William the father from Ile Onisa Quaters slept with his daughter and threatened to kill her if she told anyone as her mom left with her younger siblings and she stayed with her dad.

 She was responsible for cooking and taking care of the home for her dad after her mom left.

With time, her belly started protruding as pregnancy cannot hide for long and Williams became a laughing stock in the area as they suspected it was the father's since they didn't know her to have any boyfriend or being promiscuous.

He was reportedly caught on Sunday at the spot wher he was digging a secret grave to bury his daughter after strangling her to death. He was immediately taken to the palace chiefs who advised the angry mob not to take the law into their hands.

Anike, a resident stated that Williams kiled his pregnant daughter to cover up his crimes as athe pregnancy was showing and  becoming suspicious.

Police Spokesman Alberto Adeyemi stated that the matter had not yet been brought to the police . The girl's body has been deposited in the morgue as the case continues to unfold Nation learnt.


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