Friday, 23 September 2016

Man dies after botched routine sugery

 Keith Williamson, a 42 year old self employed plumber and gas fitter has just died after surgeons made a mistake in a routine surgery.
The family man was undergoing a valve replacement surgery at Livrpool Heart and Chest in October last year when the lead surgeon Darryl Chung inserted the wrong valve.

It was as a direct result of a breakdown in communication within the theatre team who were operating on Mr Williamson Mirror gathered.

An inquest in Liverpool heard this was as a direct result of
He was supposed to have one type of valve inserted, but during the course of the operation Mr Chung changed his mind and decided to insert a different valve. However this was not communicated to the other members of the operating team, who handed Mr Chung the wrong valve which he then put in.

After the surgery he was taken to the specialist Papworth cardiothoracic hospital in Cambridge, where he died more than three weeks later.

He left behind a partner of eleven and half years Lisa Marie Taylor and two children. Corey 10 and autistic and Corisha seven. Lisa Marie praised him saying he was a devoted family man and had an amazing personality. 

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital has apologised to Mr Williamson’s family.
Both the hospital, and Mr Chung, have admitted liability and negligence amounting to a breach of duty of care towatds Mr Williamson.

The family is now pursuing a claim of negligence against both the hospital and Mr Chung.

Mr Chung is now no longer employed at the Broadgreen-based hospital and is now believed to be working as a teaching fellow.


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