Friday, 30 September 2016

Man caught trying to smuggle cocaine in pack of Fudge candy

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Noel Llewellyn a 64 year old  man from Brooklyn was apprehended by the Federal agents at JFK Airport .
He was alleged to have attempted to smuggle a kilo of cocaine inside a pack of fudge chocolates.

According to New York daily news Mr Llewellyn works with Delta Airlines and was coming from Trinidad and landed in NewYork. 

He was going through customs agents when they noticed something unusual in his suitcase. The four packs of Tortuga chocolate rum fudge was later collected and tested and tested positive for cocaine. Llewellyn told federal agents that his sister in law packed the chocolates.

Llewellyn who is a  known  frequent traveller to and from Trinidad and Tobago says he does so in order to take advantage of an employee discount offered by his employer Delta Airlines.

The suspect was freed on $100,000 bail.


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