Thursday, 15 September 2016

LinkedIn Billionaire Offers $5 Million to veterans if Donald Trump shows his Tax Returns

Linkedln billionaire Reid Hoffman has offered $5million to US veterans if Donald Trump releases his tax returns.

This is a big challenge to the Donald as he has been insisting he is fighting for the better situation of veterans. The time is now for Trump to be true to his words.

 Hoffman is the latest tycoon to go after Trump because he believes his tax returns will tell who he really is and will show the American people the type of president he will be and if they could trust him as their president according to CNN news.

He wrote on Medium post saying :
“There’s no real reason that Trump is keeping his returns secret, except that he sees them as a bargaining chip to utilize''. “As Trump skirts his obligation to the American people, we must show him that we do value accountability and transparency.”

Hoffman, whose own net worth grew by $800 million in one day this year when Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 billion, explained that he would be supporting a campaign started by 26-year-old U.S. Marine Corps veteran Peter Kiernan, who is a crowd-funding money  to donate to 10 different veterans organizations if Trump releases his tax returns.

Trump, has continued to insist on keeping his tax returns private, citing an I.R.S. audit But Hoffman is not backing down and insists he will donate as much as $5 million. The $5 million Hoffman is willing to donate, he says in his post on Medium, is the same amount that Trump said he’d donate in 2012 for the release of President Barack Obama’s college records and passport documents. “Given Trump’s vocal support of veterans, he knows this is a good situation for the veterans to benefit from.


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