Monday, 19 September 2016

Kersone explosion puts father and daughter in critical condition

Another case of kerosene explosion has rocked Rivers State.
The victims Mr. Fidelis Umechukwu and his daughter Chidinma are presently in critical conditions battling  for their lives in different hospitals in Port Harcourt. This is as a result of an explosion that was caused by kerosene at the family residence in Rumueme Community,Rivers-State.

Umechukwu, 47 was rushed to Ebonyi Hospital Orazi while his daughter Chidinma 13, who was said to be in a very serious condition, was being treated at Life forth Hospital, Iwofe in Rivers State.

The incident took place on Sunday evening while the victim's wife was out and  destroyed not only the  victims’ properties in the kitchen but also affected the main building of their house.

One of the Victims neighbours, Mr. Chigozie Abasirim said before the incident took place Mr. Umechukwu was reading his bible at the front of his house. Nobody expected the came by surprise.

Nation visited Mr. Umechukwu at Ebonyi Hospital where he was recuperating, he said he was seriously affected because he took the risk to jump back to the fire to rescue his daughter who was already unconscious who he said was smoking with the fire.

He said the explosion occurred when he was refilling the family lantern and his daughter was the one holding the lantern while it was still on. He wanted to make food for his family and needed to refill the lantern to see.

 He went further stating that his four children were inside the house while his  daughter was with him in the kitchen as he ran out.When he  realized his daughter was still inside, he had to force himself inside and brought her out later he went in to carry out the remaining kids.

He later made an appeal for the public to assist him and his daughter.


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