Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hillary Clinton to be impeached?

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been battling different FBI probes.
As the former secretary of state she is still dealing with problems with her emails and how they were handled while in public office. 

Dailymail gathered that there might be congressional impeachment inquiry on her even as she is set to contest for the number one seat. Speaking to an expert,  sources say a Judicial watch made the startling disclosure as a leading house chairman has written the FBI seeking to know if she committed perjury during testimony about hremails before House Benghazi committee.

A central premise is that the administration must stop concealing information and Congress must stop holding back its own powers to force more disclosure. 

'They need to talk about proactively using the contempt power more directly – not relying on the justice department to put people in contempt to enforce contempt powers on their own. And to use impeachment a whole lot more,' he said.

But Fitton President of Conservative open government said House GOP lawmakers – who got burned during the Bill Clinton impeachment in the 1990s – are too reluctant to deploy their probative powers but they also think Mrs Clinton lied to them.

He thinks an impeachment is possible looking at the crime; mishandling of classifed information, problems stemming from the Clinton foundation. He further stated that if she is found guilty and convicted by the senate she will be barred from future public office. Her rival Donal Trump has called for an immediate investigation on all Clinton's dealings.

Fitton is author of a new book, 'Clean House,' which is subtitled, 'Exposing our government's secrets and lies.'


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