Thursday, 15 September 2016

Ferry Explosion: 3 killed, 13 injured


The Gili Cat 2 boat was carrying tourists in Bali. 

 The fast boat which took 35 tourists from different countries including Britain and which carried people between resort islands in Bali and Lombok unfortunately exploded. Mirror gathered it killed a German, an Indonesian and a Dutch national.

Victims who had serious leg injuries were carried onshore by locals. A middle aged white lady that survived had both legs blown off.

Foreign office stated it is helping British holiday makers affected by the explosion to provide  consular assistance. Other nationals according to reports are Korean, Australia,French and Germans.

The explosion reportedly occurred around 200metres from Padang Bai Harbour on Thursday shortly after the boat took off. Although investigations are ongoin as to the cause of the incident,early reports suggests the the fuel tank may have exploded.


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