Dubai is known as a tourist attraction with the the tallest building and biggest mall.

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 According to CNN they want to add the largest indoor theme park to their feat. The park which has taken 3years to build cost $1billion to build and opened on Wednesday.

IMG World's of Adventure is a 1.5million park with 0-60miles an hour. It is expected to get 18million visitors by 2021 and about 12,000 people a day. As oil prices continues to fall Dubai government is planning to boost the economy by tourism and what a way to start.

The park covers 28 football fields worth of space and features a mishmash of characters from cartoon network and Disney's Marvel universe like Hulk and spider man.

Dubai ruler and United Arab Emirates Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid toured the more than $1 billion park earlier on Wednesday.

The adventure park is one of two major theme parks opening this year in Dubai, part of an effort to attract 20 million tourists annually by 2020, when the emirate is to host the World Expo.

 Last year, some 14 million people visited Dubai, according to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. The highest share of visitors came from neighboring Gulf countries, with Saudi Arabia topping the list.