Friday, 2 September 2016

Donald Trump's feud hits up with Mexican President

Donald Trump met with the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Wednesday and since then he has been declared 'persona non Grata to Mexico by Mexican legislators.

Although Enrique invited him to Mexico for talks he insists that he personally told him he will not pay for the wall he plans to build at the beginning of the conversation.

He took to twitter to repeatedly stress what he had said earlier on. Writing in spanish he said:
''Repito lo que le dije personal mente, Sr Trump : Mexico Jamas pagaria por un muro'' He said he was not happy with Trump's comments about Mexicans

On the other hand Donald Trump has repeatedly said Mexico will definitely pay for the wall but they don't know it yet. He said the wall be a beautiful, tall southern boarder with technology to keep people from digging tunnels or going over it.

Donald Trump stuck to his message of Mexico building the wall a 100% and this aggravated the Mexican president who later tweeted in his response earlier. Donald in his tweet said:
'' Mexico will pay for the wall''


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