Thursday, 1 September 2016

Donald Trump declared 'Persona non grata' in Mexico

Donald Trump recently had a short visit to Mexico city to meet with the President for a brief meeting.

Unfortunately just hours after he arrived Mexico city, the Mexican Legislature declared him
 'morally persona non grata'. They called on Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto to demand that he publicly  apologize for derogatory statements about Mexicans during his campaign speeches.

Huff Post gathered that the resolution also wants Trump to back off from building a wall to separate the US and Mexico boarder that he wants Mexico to pay for.

Mexico's President has been hugely criticised for welcoming him into Mexico although government officials cannot stop him from entering the city.

Deputy Mauricio Toledo of the left wing party offered the proposal on Wednesday in response to the news he was invited by his boss to Mexico which surprised all of the government officials.

 He further stressed that  Donald Trump cannot be allowed to insult the Mexican people who have worked hard to contribute to the American economy and are good citizens.


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