Thursday, 8 September 2016

Horrifying moment dogs are boiled to death in Chinese market

China dog meat festival has been ongoing  for some time and now Animal Rights Activist are making efforts to pressure the Chinese government into introducing anti cruelty laws.

At least 10 million dogs – mostly stolen family pets – are killed for their meat every year they reveal. They noted that the dogs are killed in  the worst imaginable ways although it was revealed in China the meat is a delicacy.

Recently, in a Chinese market people gathered to watch a greyhound carried to a boiling water by three men. The dog, terribly scared tries to wrestle its way from their grip as they get closer to the hot steam laughing.

A boy also stood horrified and scared at what the dog was passing through but everybody other than him were celebrating as they dropped the dog into the wate and it screamed foe help. The skin was burning and blistering. The greyhound according to sources was a racing dog and might have originated from Ireland.

A British-based animal-rights group has uncovered a disturbing transportation network originating in Ireland and ending up in the Far East.

But campaigners are angry about the cruelty exhibited in the shocking video shot in Shijiazhuang.
The city, of around 2 million in population, is the capital of North China’s Hebei Province.

Many of the dogs slaughtered to be eaten are raised in cages and pens on industrial scale farms.
But animal rights campaigners believe a large number are stolen pets sold on the black market – some with collars still attached.


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