Thursday, 15 September 2016

Chinese actress diagnosed with cancer dies after choosing herbal treament over chemotherapy

Xu Ting, a 26 years old actress from China just lost her battle with Cancer.

 She had advanced lymphoma and announced her illness in July through China's popular social media site 'Weibo'. She told her 300,000 followers that she had opted out of chemotherapy because she wanted to live happily everyday. She feared the treatment would cause her too much pain or even quicken her death.

Her fans pleaded with her and encourage her to continue with chemotherapy to no avail.

She instead started alternative Chinese therapy of Acupuncture,cupping,bloodletting and scrapping in August.

Xu shared some photos from her sessions showing injuries caused from her treatment with marks all over her back.Unfortunately, the procedures did not help her instead led to her death. She was reported to have been too weak for the procedure as her immune system was too weak and it was already late.

 There was outraged on social media with #XuTing'sDeathAndChineseMedicine trending many angry saying she would have survived if she had continued with the chemotherapy.

 Critics of traditional Chinese medicine have taken Xu’s tragic case as an opportunity to warn the public against what have been called "unproven" methods, but the practice’s defenders have also been quick to respond.

Prominent traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have said that Xu’s death cannot be blamed on the millennia-old methods, as she could have just as easily died while receiving chemotherapy.

A writer for the Beijing Evening News said: "There are many cancer patients who pass away after receiving chemotherapy. Will these same people also say that Western medicine is a sham?"

Others argued that Xu should have taken both types of treatment, claiming that chemotherapy would have targeted her tumour while traditional Chinese medicine could have helped alleviate her symptoms.

Her sister took to social media to slam the practitioner that treated her and the whole procedure itself as a sham.


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