Thursday, 8 September 2016

Chaos as Hausa Fulani clash in Lagos

 On Wednesday Hausa and Fulani traders clashed and unfortunately three persons lost their lives while twenty allegedly sustained different injuries and are now taking treatment in the hospital.

After the government demolished shanties occupied by the Hausa's, they blamed the Fulani's who are cattle rearers  for their ordeal hence a bad blood started. Sources gathered that the crisis escalated  when an Hausa woman sold food to  a Fulani man who refused to pay.

 An argument ensued in the process while the man assaulted the girl. Around 1.00 am the Fulani youths visited some Hausa men and killed them. The Hausa men retaliated around 5.00am killing some Fulanis although they recorded higher casualties among them.

Punch gathered that six vehicles were vandalized while some cattle were reportedly killed. Military officers and Rapid Response Squad were deployed to the area to maintain peace and order.

 A trader, who did not identify himself, blamed the cattle dealers for the mayhem, saying they were intolerant of other traders.

“The Fulani in the market are not tolerant. Any little disagreement, they would start threatening mayhem. The government should be proactive because the Hausa have vowed to avenge their slain brothers. The battle is always at night when people have gone to bed. We are not safe,” he added.


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