Sunday, 18 September 2016

Breaking!!! Explosion leaves dozens injured in Newyork

Around 8.00pm Saturday, an explosion rocked Chelsea neighborhood at 23rd street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan NewYork leaving many injured.

CNN's Richard Quests reports that Police officers have been searching the streets with dogs, robots and flashlights to ensure the place is rid of aany more explosive devices that could cause another mayhem.

CNN gathered that the explosion came from a device near a dumpster and it was an intentional act. A surveillance video showed a person near the explosion at 23rd street. Investgators are trying to figure out who the person is and if he is actually involved in the explsoion. No evidence has been pponted to any terrorist attack or connection yet according to De Blasio, NewYork city Mayor..

24 people have been taken to the hospital with minor injuries as ambulances came and were checked by armed guards before transporting the injured victims.

Police have also increased security in the areas where the explosions occurred. As first responders converged on the explosion site and began blocking off streets in the Chelsea neighborhood, attention soon turned to a second device.

The device is a silver coloured pressure cooker but the inside of it has not been ascertained yet.

Surveillance video from the explosion in Chelsea shows windows shattered with terrified people running on the streets and ducking. 
The video, which shows angles from inside and outside Orangetheory Fitness in Chelsea, shows a screen laying outside on the street after the explosion and what appears to be papers flying in the air. 


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