Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Be warned!! See why Lagos banker was sacked from work

No matter how bad we feel our jobs are I think we should learn to keep our opinions to ourselves especially if we still work there.

And we should also be careful on things we post on social media. We don't need the whole world to know everything about us and things in our minds. Unfortunately for a Lagos banker he just lost his job in this harsh economy. He vented his frustration on social media and was surprised at what happened next.

His friend with twitter handle Ayo FBI @puremind twitted his post saying he posted 'Fuck I hate my job'. A post like that will definitely get you sacked because you are telling your employer that you will not perform well as you don't like the job hence you become a threat to the organization. In an era where employers and older people are also into social media it was an unwise decision to do that.

Especially employers who sometimes use social media to keep tabs on employees or use it to verify future employees before employment. The message got re-tweeted severally and eventually got to his employers who sacked him


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