Thursday, 29 September 2016

Baby born looking like an 80 year old man

The curious case of Benjamin Button played by Brad Pitt has resurface in real life.

A baby in Bangladesh was recently born looking like an 80year old man. His case is a rare condition call Progeria which causes wrinkles on teh face, a very sunken body and hollow eyes and features  like an elderly person.

Mirror gathered that the baby was born  on Sunday 25 September to the joy of his father Biswajit Patro who is a farmer. He thanked God for the miracle baby and stressed that there is no need to be unhappy of the child's appearance. He insited the boy will be accepted the way he came from God.

The family have been told by doctors at their hospital that the baby well be well for now.
However, it remains uncertain what measures can be taken to treat the baby.
The family hopes he can grow up to become a healthy boy.



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