Friday, 2 September 2016

Artistes rally to save Julius 'D Genius' Agwu

Ace comedian Julius Agwu who successfully underwent a brain surgery last year and has been doing fine since then has been reported to have fallen ill again.

Nation gathered that his last post was to promote his show 'Crack Ya Ribs' in London where he wrote #LIFEasISeeiT. on August 25.

Though, statements from his camp said the comedian was just in hospital for routine checks, on Wednesday, foremost Nollywood filmmaker Zik Zulu Okafor posted a picture on his Facebook account of Julius Agwu lying on a bed with bandaged head, eyes closed and tubes across his chest and face.

“RISE ! RISE JULIUS ! RISE!” Okafor wrote poetically.

“You have no business lying on this bed! You are a sprightly and springy soul, constantly on the move. You can’t be in pain and agony when you are the laugh merchant. You trade in smiles and laughter, you make it possible for us to afford a smile even in brutally challenging moments. So, why on earth, should Julius D’ Genius be held down in pain.

 It is a tragic irony in a tragic world. On this solemn afternoon, in my office, as I go down on my knees, I call on my God that has never failed me. I call Him to lay his hands on you. And I decree that you are healed in Jesus name. You will rise and shine. My God will restore your health in full. You will return hale and hearty.

You will spring to your sprightly self with all the zing and zest that define the quintessential Julius D’ Genius. You are WELL. Rise Julius! Rise and shine again! The world waits for the new jokes from your vault of laughter. We need it to tame the pain of ailing economy. You must rise, Julius my bro.”
Continuing, Okafor implored Nigerians to come to the comedian’s aid.

“To all Nigerians, the Federal, state governments, I call on you now; let’s arise and save this man that keeps many traumatised Nigerians alive, heal many wounded souls with his jokes. He is a thriller and a healer. Let’s heal this healer of pains that is now in pain. God can do it for us. But we have a role to play.

 Let's rise to save Julius. We can give financial or spiritual support at this time. Do give something. God save Jesus!God bless you!In Jesus Name........ Amen!!!


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