Saturday, 24 September 2016

Actor murders two friends to fund his wedding and honeymoon


Daniel Patrick Wozniak 32 has been sentenced to death in Southern California.

He reportedly killed two of his friends and dismembered one of them because he was in huge debt and needed to pay for his wedding and honeymoon by stealing from his friends.

Dailymail gathered that the actor will be put to death for the crime he committed in 2010. His victims were veteran Samuel Herr was an Afghanistan war veteran and Julie Kibuishi .  Orange County Judge obeyed the recommendation of the Jury that he should be executed.The came to the decision one month after they gave a guilty verdict for murder.

Wozniak who was debt-ridden in 2010 when he shot his neighbor, Herr of Costa Mesa, to steal $50,000 the Army veteran had saved from service in Afghanistan, prosecutors said.
Wozniak then used a ruse to kill Herr's friend, Julie Kibuishi, and tried to make it appear Herr had raped and killed her, then fled, prosecutors said. He also dumped Herr's dismembered body in a park.
The scheme unraveled, and Wozniak was arrested days later. 
Conley revisited many of the case's grisly details before the sentencing. 
'Suffice it to say that even his defense attorney was constrained to calling it horrible, terrible and horrific,' the judge said Friday.
The likelihood Wozniak will be executed anytime soon is slim because of challenges over the California's death penalty. 
No one has been put to death since 2006, and there are nearly 750 inmates on death row at San Quentin, where he is now headed.s some of his son's fellow veterans of Afghanistan stood at his side, Herr's father, Steve Herr, said in court Friday that it's unfortunate the execution won't come quickly. 
'You Dan are a coward and a poster boy for the need for an effective death penalty in California,' Herr said.


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