Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Look at Putin's secret family

Russian President Vladimir Putin divorced his wife Lyudmila in 2013 and since then his love life has been kept a secret.

According to reports an ex gold medal winning -gymnast Alina Kabaeva 33 is rumoured to have a secret family with Vladimir Putin. Recently she appeared in public with what could be her two children for the first time. 

Dailymail gathered she has been linked to the Russian president as far back as 2008. She went to an Ice skating show at Megasport Arena in Moscow with both boys and did not specify who they were .Unidentified sources confirmed seeing her wearing a wedding ring which she tried hiding from the cameras.
Kabaeva, has continued to deny the allegations but the media has since not stopped speculating.
Her outing sparked a fresh wave of rumours she has been engaged in a years-long relationship with the Russian strongman while other Moscow gossip columns suggest the two have ended their affair. 

None of the claims have been independently verified. 

The photos of Kabaeva and the two boys were taken on the eve of the recent Russian parliamentary elections, which were won by the United Russia party founded by Putin.

In July of that year, the Sobesednik paper claimed Kabayeva pulled out of taking part in a televised ice skating show because she was pregnant. The report rapidly vanished from the net.

Some of her interviews have fueled suspicions that she was romantically linked with Putin.
Kabaeva, who has been dubbed 'Russia's First Mistress' by some, said she had met a man who 'I love very much' but refused to name him.

The Russian president has previously made clear: 'I have a private life in which I do not permit must be respected.'


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