Sunday, 28 August 2016

World's oldest man is 145years and ready to die

Mbah Gotho from Indonesia is the world's oldest man at 145 years young.

With documentation he said he was born in 1870 Independent gathered. He has started preparing for his death. A journey he said he started in 1992 and is still living.He has outlived 10 of his siblings, 4 wives and all his children.

Mr Gotho although praised for being the oldest man in the world told regional news network ' He is ready to die and wants to go now'.He is becoming increasingly frail. He awaits the title of the world's oldest man beating Nigerian James Olofintuyi 171 and Dhaquabo Ebba of Ethipoa 163 because he alone has a documentation to prove it.

But only if the documents can be verified will he be givien the titleWhen asked the secret to a long life he said patience.


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