Thursday, 25 August 2016

World bank officials drown in Ekiti Dam

Egbe Dam situated in Egbe ,Gboyin LGA in Ekiti State is the biggest of the six dams in the state.
Unfortunately for some world bank workers instead of their inspection work, they drowned.

Guardian reports that the chairman of the council and the police has confirmed this unfrtunate incident.. The incident occured on Wednesday night when seven contractors were sent by the World bank to assess the Dam. The ystarted working on Tuesday night.

They had finished with one section and were moving to another when the incident happened.The traditional ruler of Egbe has been notified and a rescue team and ambulance were sent .Fortunately for those wearing life jackets they were saved.Local fishermen were able to bring out the drowned workers .

The council boss stated it waaan unfortunate event and confirmed the story saying the boat capsized out o the seven people, four died and three survived.
May their souls rest in peace.


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