Monday, 29 August 2016

Vampire drinks the blood of a 14year old girl in a Catholic church

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A14year old girl was violated by a vampire who after having sex with her drank her blood in a catholic church.
Jonathan Davis 22 runs a cult like group and drank the girl's blood in a twisted carnal ritual.The group consists of three girls and several adult.He met the teenager in a park and lured her to kissing and touching her inappropriately before they went into the church for sex.

Daily news reports that Davis, the girl and two of her friends later drank blood from each other's arms in a vampire role-playing game called Mabinogi he found online.

The court heard Davis has a five-year-old child after he got  a 12-year-old girl pregnant
He drew blood from the youngsters’ wrists and made them his ‘bio-child' by licking it.

His social media accounts reportedly includes photos of him with swords and knives, and posing with what appears to be blood dripping from his mouth.

He was put in 10 years probation after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to sexual and indecent assaults, disorderly conduct and corrupting minors in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania.He will be under house arrest for the first two years and must register as sex offender for 25years.

The leniency according to the court comes from his cooperation and willing ness to accept accountability and take responsibility for his actions.


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