Tuesday, 23 August 2016

US Secretary of state visits President Buhari Tuesday

John Kerry, the present US Secretary of State is to pay an official visit to President Buhari, Tuesday by 3.00pm.
He will hold a meeting inside the Presidential villa and issues like Boko Haram,corruption,counter terrorism,Nigeria's economy will be discussed amongst others.

Punch reports that US security operatives were seen at strategic places inside the presidential villa.President Buhari will be joined in the meeting by top government officials including presidential aides and minsters.

Official photographers and video cameramen of the two leaders will be allowed in.And Kerry will not grant interview but will meet with some governors from the North that the state house Press waiting room. Reporters will only be allowed entry to the briefing room of the council chambers.

In Sokoto, he will deliver a speech on the importance of resilient communities and religious tolerance in countering violent extremism.


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