Wednesday, 10 August 2016

UK introduces 24hour visa application and collection

The British High Commission, in its website, revealed  the new service they will render to particularly meet the needs of those who require urgent service to travel.
 This prompted them to launch the super priority visa service where customers in Nigeria can process their application in 24 hours. According to Paul Arkwright it is a good and welcoming development. This new feat will allow customers greter flexibility to choose from a number of via products to meet their needs.

“It is offered alongside our current Priority Visa (front of queue processing five to seven-day) and standard (15-day) services. The UK is the only European country to offer a visa decision in 24 hours. The Super Priority Visa service is aimed largely at key business customers and those needing to travel urgently by providing a visa decision for collection at the Visa Application Centre the working day following submission,” it stated.

It said the service costs £750 in addition to the visa fee and would be available to eligible customers applying in the Abuja and Lagos Visa Application Centres.

The High Commission said those applying in the “Visitors” or “Points Based System Tier 4” are eligible to use the Super Priority Service.

“Extending the Super Priority Visa service to Nigeria is another example of how the UK is leading the world in the provision of premium visa services for those coming to the UK to visit, do business or study,” it added.


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