Saturday, 27 August 2016

Two best friends switched at birth reunite after 41years of leaving with each other's parents

David Tait and Leon Swanson both 41 are two best friends swapped at birth and ironically lived in each other's parent's house.

The swapping happened in a government run Norway hospital in 1975.Tait's biological mom raised Swanson while Swanson's mom raised Tait.As they grew up people noticed they looked more like each other's parents and other features became more noticeable mail gathered.

A former government official viewed the case as a criminal one and said they have alwyas been suspicions in the community. He further stated that the federal government owes both families.He further stressed that apart from the victims ,family members are hurt by this unfortunate incident. He insisted it was a criminal act and not a mistake.

Canada's health department operates the Norway House hospital.

Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott said the second case 'deeply troubled' her, before adding an independent party will be hired to investigate hospital records and look into whether there are other such cases.

Cases like this are an unfortunate reminder to Canadians of how urgent the need is to provide all Indigenous people with high-quality health care,' Philpott said in a statement.

Canada's 1.4 million indigenous people often live in dire social and economic conditions with subpar health and education services.

Practices to ensure the identities of newborns have improved since the 1970s, and Norway House Hospital now fits infants with identification bands, the health department said in a statement.


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