Friday, 12 August 2016

Turkey to arrest ex footballer for July 15 coup - plot

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Turkey has been in a massive arrests of people believed to be the masterminds or accessories  of the July 15 coup.

 His career spanned from  1987 - 2007 as a striker.He played a major role in Turkey's  third position in the World Cup of 2002 becoming a household name in the country. His broke record when he scored the fastest goal in the world in 11 seconds against South Korea in 2002 world cup.

He joined Turkish politics in 2011 where he was appointed as MP with Erdogen's ruling justice and Development Party. He resigned in 2013 after a massive corruption charge that targeted the president and his allies. this led him to take sides with Erdogen's arch rival Gulen.He went on to speak against the closure of schools run by Gulen's government Hizmet meaning service in Turkey.

 According to Guardian in an effort to cleanse the system and arrest more people, the Turkish government has issued an arrest warrant for international football star Hakan Sukur. Hakan Sukur has been active in Turkish politics after resigning from football.

He went on trial in absentia in june for insulting the Turkish leader on social media. Guardian gathered that since the arrest warrant not just on him but also his father he was no where to be found as he has been living in the US since last year with his family.

He is believed to have played for Inter Milan, Parma and blacburn Rovers during his time as a footballer.

His arrest is sought on charges of “membership of an armed terror group”, the state-run Anadolu agency said, referring to what Ankara calls the Fethullah Terror Organisation (FETO).


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