Monday, 22 August 2016

Trump demands closure of the Clinton's foundation

Donald Trump on Monday called the Clinton's charitable foundation a corrupt enterprise and demanded for its closure.

He spoke to Fox News stating that the foundation received monies from different countries who abused human rights,discriminated against everybody including gays. An example he agave was Saudi Arabia that gave huge donations when Hillary was secretary of state. He insisted the money should be given back to the Saudis.All monies collected from 2009 - 2013.

He went further criticizing them on stealing from the charity by enriching themselves and taking care of donors instead of the American people he claimed. The Clinton foundation was set up by Bill Clinton in 2001 after he left the oval office.It disburses funds at home and baorad.In 2014, it was reported to have disbursed $218m. So far it has raised $2billion

Questions have been raised over different conflicts of interest while Hillary Clinton served as the secretary of state.
A firewall was supposed to have been in place to ensure that the foundation’s work remained completely separate from Hillary Clinton’s role as head of US diplomacy, but critics said that that barrier has been permeable at best.

Concerns were raised anew after emails surfaced recently showing that a close aide to Bill Clinton contacted two senior aides of Hillary Clinton’s at the State Department, seeking their assistance in helping a donor — Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury — secure a meeting with a US diplomat in Lebanon.

Bill Clinton has promised to stop collecting donations from foreign donors if Hillary is elected in November.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager,Robin Mook told CNN on Sunday that the additional safeguards were “unprecedented… in terms of disclosure and limits.”Urging the
public to keep in mind the “important, lifesaving work” that it has done over the years. Stating that
“Over 10 million people around the world get important AIDS medication, lifesaving AIDS and HIV medication because of the foundation,” also reducing the cost of malaria drugs by 90%.


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