Sunday, 7 August 2016

The life of the pilot that died in hot air ballon with all his passengers

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Nichols,49 died with his other 14 passenger while riding on a hot air ballon that crashed in Texas. 

According to daily-mail, the pilot had been arrested for different offences in 2008.The pilot and owner of a hot air balloon that crashed in Texas and killed all 16 people aboard had been arrested for driving while intoxicated in 2000, according to police in Missouri.
And the Better Business Bureau had warned consumers in 2008 about doing business with Alfred 'Skip' Nichols after complaints about his previous balloon touring company based in St Louis - claiming he also was on probation for involvement with drugs.
Nichols, 49, was operating under the business name Heart of Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides and listed himself as owner and pilot before this weekend's tragic accident. 

That's the only thing I want to talk about, is that he's a great pilot,' Alan Lirette said, speaking to the AP from a house he shared with Nichols in Kyle, Texas.
'There's going to be all kinds of reports out in the press and I want a positive image there too.'
A Missouri police officer told The Associated Press that Nichols was arrested there in 2000 on a felony driving while intoxicated charge and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor DWI in 2002. 
Nichols had lived in Missouri before moving to Texas. He was known as 'Skip' in both places and owned a hot air balloon touring company in St. Louis County at the time, said the officer.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported in 2008 that the Better Business Bureau had warned consumers about doing business with Nichols, the third time since 2000 that Nichols had gotten an unsatisfactory record for not responding to complaints.
The paper quoted the BBB as saying Nichols was on probation in Missouri for distribution, delivery or manufacturing a controlled substance and that when asked to respond, Nichols said, 'I prefer to make no comment on that.'
There have also been complaints against Heart of Texas, according to reports. 
The Better Business Bureau gave it a rating of D+ and it had a Yelp rating of 1.5 stars mostly over canceled flights. 
The company has now suspended operations and put out a statement confirming the pilot was Nichols. 
The balloon fabric was found three quarters of a mile from where the basket hit the ground. There have been 60 hot air balloon crashes in the U.S. since 2011 with six causing fatalities.  
One witness who lives a quarter-mile from the site, Margaret Wylie, said she heard popping sounds and saw what looked 'like a fireball going up.'


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