Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Girl commits suicide and blames her grandma

Temitope Saka a 17year old girl just committed suicide.

Punch gathered that she drank a pesticide used for killing cockroaches and insects in the house. Sniper, the name of the pesticide when consumed by human beings kills instantly. She lived in Igando area of Lagos state.

Some sources reported that her boyfriend found her and reported the whole incident to the police which led to the arrest of her grandmother.

It was learnt her mom died when she was 3years old an she grew up as an only child with her grandma who is a trader at Ikotun. It was there she met her boyfriend who also is a trader.

 Sources confirm that there was a time she became pregnant and her grandma asked her to pack out of the house to her boyfriend's. In the processing threw her things out of the house.

She drank the poison on Wednesday at her boyfriend's house where she had moved to. She was rushed to the hospital after she started foaming on her mouth but was pronounced dead. Her boyfriend later saw the suicide note  where she accused the grandma of causing her death and reported the incident to  the police.

A woman was heard saying that, “Out of all the women her father married, it was only her mother that had a child and she was the only child. She was the hope of the family. Now that she is dead, that hope is gone.”

Punch correspondent learnt that it was the second time in less than two months that a pregnant teenager would commit suicide in the area. Her body has been deposited in the morgue for autopsy while investigations have started. May her soul rest in peace.


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