Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Student who got teacher pregnant gets $4.5m compensation

A student who had a one year affair with his teacher has been compensated. The student was 16 at the time while the teacher Laura Whitehurst was 31.

According to Mirror she often had unprotected sex with the teenager at her flat and claimed the pregnancy was a miracle.She was alleged to have also slept with two other pupils.

She was sentenced to two months in jail after having her baby daughter. The student who for security reasons is known as John BB Doe claims school authorities knew about the affair but turned blind eyes.An education authority will pay him $6million for negligence and in complicit in the abuse in California.

 The teacher was facing 29 years to 41 sex charges in 2013 but got off after she admitted to the crime in a plea deal and was put on 5years probation and will be registered for life as a sex offender. The teacher was arrested after the boy's mom told authorities the baby was her son's. The boy admitted he had been scarred for life in court.

He regretted what the teacher did to him saying he has a child while he is still a child. Other students have come forward with their experiences with her.Two students now 22 and 24  claims she gave them a blowjob in class when they were just 14. According to them it happened in their school Citrus Valley High,Redlands between 2007 and 2008.

Lawyer Vince Finaldi, who led the civil case against Redlands Unified School District, said the settlement was the biggest against any public entity in the country involving child sex abuse.

Despite the payout to the father of Whitehurst’s love child, the school district“categorically denied” any wrongdoing on its part.

Spokesman Tom DeLapp said the settlement was not an admittance of guilt, liability or acceptance of the validity or invalidity of the allegations.

The district was settling to avoid “dragging employees through the mud all over again” and damaging the reputation of a “very fine district.”

“Our community has been battered and beaten by a lot of coverage of this story. It’s unfortunate, but I think we can tie this off and this settlement agreement does that.”


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