Thursday, 4 August 2016

Strict warnings issued to US citizens to stay away from some states in Nigeria

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20 states have been singled out by the United States to its citizens to stay clear off. This as a result of the huge security concerns in those states.

 Some of the issues include kidnappings , armed robbery,and other armed attacks according to Punch.

 The US specifically stated on their website on Wednesday that its citizens should avoid travelling to thes:Bauchi,Bayelsa,Delta,Edo, Gombe,Imo,Jigawa,Kaduna,Kano,Katsina,Kebbi,Kogi,Niger,Plateau,Rivers- stating security concerns. 

They based their warning alert on safety and security risk assessment.They insisted their staff will need clearance if they need to go to the above mentioned  states.They stressed the need for planning on personal safety and keeping it in their forefront.

The mission pointed out that the Boko Haram group, designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the Department of State, had claimed responsibility for many attacks in the country.
It also informed Americans that local government curfews are intermittently in effect in several states in the North.


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