Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Statue of Virgin Mary cries in Honduras church

According to Priest Juan Angel Lopez Virgin Mary Statue was actually crying. He rebuffed rumours that it was a lie. He asked people to wonder why it is the case.

The congregation were baffled after they left the University Church in Honduras with what they say as the Virgin Mary statue crying. The priest stated he had no idea of what would have caused the effigy to be crying as the tears moved down her cheeks in the recorded video.

.Priest Lopez, who is the Pastor of the Iglesia Santo Domingo Savio church in nearby Tegucigalpa said he had seen the statue at the St James campus in the El Paraiso area.He told Honduras website La Prensa : "I'm not saying it's true, I'm saying it's possible.

"In this case, I suspect that there is no falsehood because I know people who run the Campus Santiago Apostle.

"I know the seriousness of people who have recorded the video and do not think they would fake it."


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