Friday, 5 August 2016

MISS Jamaica 2011 passes on

Shakira Martin , a former winnr of Miss Jamaican Pafeant has died.

She died in a hospital in Florida from complications of sickle cell at the age of 30 Jamaican Observer reports. Martin after winning the title of Miss Jamaica in 2011 in an interview stated that he joined the contest in the hopes of raising awareness for the disease.

Her mom, Andrea Hall has confirmed the death on a social media post. She also wrote the cause of death which was clots of blood in both lungs due to sickle cell. She added that she had been on life support before she died surrounded by family and friends.

She stressed how hard she fought for her life and praised her strength calling her a true fighter.

Someone who lived life despite the disease.Did not allow it to take her daily dealings but kept fighting hard. She thanked everyone for their support.

Her parents had sickle cell trait,making her get the disease which mad e her childhood very difficult. Her funeral according to her mom will hold in Florida and Jamaica which were her favorite places in the world.

May her should and the soul of all the faithful departed though the mercy of God rest in peace.


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