Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Senator's son dies on the wall's tallest waterslide

Kansas city waterpark has the world's tallest waterslide. It is 168 foot tall ' the Verruckt ride at Schlitterbahn waterpark.

Dailymail reports an unfortunate incident where a 10year old boy  Caleb Thomas Schwab,died when he was plummeted from the slide and hit the net. He was the son of a Kansas state legislator.

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Witnesses according to mailonline said he was decollated when he flew off the waterslide on sunday.

Esteban Castaneda, who was at the Kansas City waterpark, told ABC 7 he heard loud booms coming from the ride before noticing a body wash down after a raft.

When he ran forward to help, he saw a lifeguard desperately trying to hold back a gathering crowd.
As he looked down, he says he saw the young boy who appeared to have been decapitated. Kansas City Police confirmed the boy had died from a 'fatal neck injury at the end of the ride.' 

Kobey Lyons told the Dailymail.com that he'd been told by woman at the park that day that the velcro straps on the ride were not working properly on the day of the tragedy.

Two other women, still strapped into the raft, were injured with another witnesses describing one as having blood pouring down her face. 

One of those women's jaw was broken and the other had a broken face bone, according to reports.
They have not been named but one woman described it as the 'worst day of her life.'

The front seat of the raft - where Schwab most likely sat - was empty. The Verruckt- German for insane - is the highest waterslide in the world. It remained closed for further investigations.


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