Friday, 5 August 2016

Russian diplomat kills armed robber in RIO

An armed robber who tried to rob a diplomat has been shot dead with the gun he used to rob.

According to daily mail the Russian vice consul was approached after the Olympic torch relay had passed by on the last day before the 2016 opening ceremony.

 He turned the gun against the robber as the robber pointed the gun at him from his BMW X6 window to hand over his watch. 

A struggle ensured after this and he was eventually shot at point blank range.Mr Braga the diplomat was trained in Jiu - Jitsu. According to Globo he was with his wife and daughter. The robber was on a bike with another person.

The mugger Leonardo Lopes Batistalay laid dead  for several hours on the road.
But the Russian General Consul in Rio has denied any diplomat was involved in the shooting.


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