Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Read what Italian police officers did for an elderly couple

Italian police officers in Rome performed an extraordinary act of kindness that melted hearts on social media over the weekend - cooking pasta for the benefit of an elderly couple whose cries of loneliness pierced the hearts of their neighbors.

According to daily-mail cops responded to a distress call from neighbors of Michele, 94, and Jole, 89, who have been married almost years and who rarely receive visitors.

The dire cries of the elderly couple were a response to the bad news they saw on television - their primary companion.Attacks, abused children in a kindergarten...Jole wonders why [there is] so much evil', the Rome police wrote in a Facebook post.

'It is not always easy life. Especially when the city empties and the neighbors are away on holiday. Sometimes loneliness dissolves into tears.' 
Police who responded to the call noticed that the couple did not have much food in their home, so they decided to roll up their sleeves and pitch in the best way they knew how - cooking spaghetti.

The elderly couple was treated to a meal of spaghetti with butter and parmesan, according to the New York Daily News. There is not a crime', the police wrote on Facebook. 'Jole and Michele are not victims of scams and no thief entered the house — there is no one to save'.

'This time, for the boys, there is a more daunting task — two lonely souls who need reassuring. They understand that just a little human warmth will restore tranquility to Jole and Michele.'

Just to be safe, the police summoned an ambulance to the home to make sure that Jole and Michele were of good health before chowing down.
The gesture by a group of Rome's finest generated over 65,000 likes and nearly 24,000 shares on Facebook.

'Thank you for showing these two beautiful elders love and respect', Facebook user Susan Blanken wrote in the Comments section. 'Love from the USA'. 

'Maybe it would be possible to share their address, or set up a postbox', wrote another Facebook user. 'I bet they would receive postcards from all over the world!!' 
'What a wonderful thing to do', wrote Isabel Ross. 'It is nice to know that there are still people in the world who care. Much respect from Scotland'.

The feel-good story from Rome stands in sharp contrast to the bleak news about law enforcement and police relations with the community in the United States.
'So nice to read a positive story about police', gushed one Facebook user. 'We need more love and concern for others in our world'. 
'Thank you and God bless'. 


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