Saturday, 27 August 2016

Princess Diana named the biggest style icon of all time

Each decade there is a new 'It' girl who everyone wants to emulate, but it is Princess Diana who has been named the biggest style inspiration of all time. 

Le Tote, a fashion rental service, polled 2,000 Americans on the most exemplary styles and clothing items, asking them to name the most fashionable women of each time period dating all the way back to the early 1900s.

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According to dailymail results were analyzed by decade and saw Princess Diana receive the highest scores across all fashion eras — proving that her timeless beauty will always be in style. 

'Every style icon broke the mold by thinking beyond the trends of the time and creating their own signature look. Looks which, today, we still admire and emulate,' said Ruth Hartman, Chief Merchandising Officer at Le Tote. 

Screen and stage actress Lillian Gish was one of cinema's first leading ladies, so it is unsurprising that her ensembles made her a fashion icon in the 1910s. 
Meanwhile, famed designer Coco Chanel took the top spot in the 1920s for her unforgettable fashion sense.
Legendary actress Katharine Hepburn, known for her fierce and lively personality, had the most iconic style of the 1930s — beating out Bette Davis, one of the greatest Hollywood actresses in history. 
Classic Hollywood star Lauren Bacall, who was known for her singing voice and her sizzling looks, also had the most highly-coveted style in the '40s.

Blonde icon Marilyn Monroe was the 'It' girl of the 1950s, as women all over the country hoped to emulate her sexy style.

And while the sex symbol ruled the '50s, Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s timeless wardrobe got her voted as the most iconic woman of the following decade.

Farrah Fawcett — whose red swimsuit photo captured international attention — stole the top spot in the '70s thanks to her all-American good looks.
Princess Diana was ranked as having the most iconic style of the 1980s, closely followed by pop icon Madonna.

In the 1990s, the 'Rachel' hair cut was all the rage, so it is no shocker that Jennifer Aniston beat out Julia Roberts for the most stylish woman of that decade.

Bronx native Jennifer Lopez left no question about who had the most popular fashion choices in the 2000s after she received twice as many votes as Lady Gaga, whose style came in second.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton has the most iconic style in modern history as the The Duchess of Cambridge, beating out the likes of Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, and the Kardashians.


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