Thursday, 11 August 2016

Police officers assault 14 year old girl

Two police officers  and a serving coordinator of Ohaozara Development Centre, Ebonyi State were arrested in Abakiliki.

The reasons for the arrest included an alleged torture and indecent assault of a minor in Umunaga village, iin Ohaozara LGA. The girl in question Uzoamaka Unogbo was 14years old.

According to Punch, the CP stated that they stripped her naked, whipped her with a wire cable and canes and went further to post her pictures on social media. There was no reason for this just an act of wickedness on a child who did not even commit any offense. If she had, this unspeakable act will not even be warranted.

 They have all been arrested and will be punished according to the law after going through the disciplinary procedures. They will eventually be prosecuted. The young gil has been able to make her statement which is an abomination in the society.

 Every police man has the duty of guiding and protecting its citizens but this case was different and scandalous. The case is closely and diligently investigated and the culprits will be brought to justice. Shame on them.


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