Saturday, 27 August 2016

Pervert who rapes dogs caught and beaten by angry mob

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An unnamed man who allegedly livestreams himself naked raping dogs was caught and beaten by animal vigilante group.

According to Mirror they lured him after noticing the horrific streams about three weeks before they caught him. He was running a brothel in China and had offered members of a Chengdu chat group the chance to “rape female dogs in a way that serves us all”.

The activist group acted as undercover got in touch chatted with him for several days where he also told him he charges 50RMB(£5). They later arranged to meet him by tricking him they liked his hobby. On believing them he went to where they were, removed his clothes and stood stack naked for a demonstration.

He was dragged from his home to th street by and beaten up by a afurious mob. Activist held up banners are he was being beat claiming he had sexualy abused female dogs and was running a sick brothel. Eventually the beating was stopped and police were called who whisked him away.

According to local authorities the man cannot be charged for sexually abusing the dogs because they were all stray  but can fro streamlining his act.

The dogs have been taken to animal shelter for adoption.


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