Saturday, 20 August 2016

Paralysed bride stuns guest and walks down the aisle on her wedding day

Jackie Farmer was like ever normal teenager until a frisky accident turned her life around. On September, 2008 she dove into her friend's pool and her life changed.

Speaking to FOX 59 she said she broke her neck in the process, knowing something was wrong she didn't know she had become paralyzed from the neck down.

It actually scattered her C5 vertebrae which caused her to sustain a spinal cord injury.Her friend's kept laughing thinking she was only joking as she was floating on the pool. Eventually she was pulled out of the pool and her mom was called to pick her.

A month after the accident to the doctors charging she moved her big toes .This gave her medical team believe she would walk one day.Last year she decided to make her dream of walking again come true by going through intensive physiotherapy.

She went through many challenges : one was overcoming low blood pressure caused her to want o pass out.Another was when attempting to move her muscles at some point were inactive and lots of falls and also getting back up. At the end she overcame it and on May 22 she accomplished her goal.

 Her husband was very proud of her although he knew of her plans and the whole guest were surprised to see her not only  walk but also dance on her wedding day.

Speaking to FOX59, she expressed her joy of being Mrs Goncher and being happy for getting married as it is a wonderful though challenging change but very sweet. She ended up being thankful for finding someone who was willing to grow and learn with her for eternity.

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