Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Okogie writes Buhari a heart - felt message on the plight of Nigerians

Emeritus Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Cardinal Anthony Okogie has written a heart felt message to President Buhari on the plight of Nigerians.

Guardian learnt that in the letter he stressed the need for the president to keep to his campaign promises by providing good leadership that will check hunger and poverty in the land. He reminded the president that his party APC  promised to change the country for the better in their 'Chnage' slogan but so far has not done so.

He stated that the change cannot be rel when old things have refused to pass away urging the president to look closely at his cabinet, make policies and programmes that will help Nigerians and put efficient people that will implement and execute thses policies.

His letter has already gone viral on social media but has not made any comment.All efforts for  Guardian to reach him prooved abortive.

He stressed' Nigerians are hungry not only for food but for good leadership. For peac, justice and security.He appealed to him to do something fast if he is already doing something.Stressing he needed to redouble his efforts.He stated Nigerians are waiting for him to take them to the promise land he promised them when they voted him in.
 He said as the president who took responsible for the enormous task ahead of him,  should be accountable to all the people he appoints also his ministers.

He advised him in all sincerity that for him  to leave a credible legacy come 2019 he needs to  retool his administration.

He went ahead saying change is desirable. But it must be a change for the better. And that he should appoint appoint men and women that can be trusted. He further stated that if most of the people he trusts  are from one section of the country and practise the same religion, then we are all  living in insecurity.”


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