Thursday, 4 August 2016

Norwegian Somali behind London attack that left one dead

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British police has confirmed the death of one woman by a Norwegian Somalian in London's Russell Square.

He stabbed six people but showed no signs of radicalization or links to terrorism.

 According to Al jazeera it was a random attack from the 19year old and police strongly suspect a mental health issue. Russel Square is a busy tourist area with a string of high end hotels. It is close to University of London and British Museum.

The woman killed was an American tourist, probably around 60 years old while the other injured five were British, American, Israeli and Australian. The woman died on the spot.The man has been arrested and is in police custody.

Police were called to Russel square on Wednesday night around 10.33 pm following reports that a man with a knife was attacking people.According to the police statement on  their twitter account, two people are till in the hospital while three have been discharged.

The London Mayor Sadiq Kan has stressed that security is his number one priority and urged all Londoners to be vigilant as the threat level in Britain remains severe.It so severe a strike is likely at anytime / any moment.


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