Tuesday, 30 August 2016

North Korea's leader Kim Jong un executes a top offical for sleeping

North Korea has seen rising executions since the emergence of their leader Kim Jong Un. Recently, he ordered the execution of two of his high ranking ministers .

Dailymail learnt the two who were executed were Ri Yong Jin a senior official at the education ministry who was sentenced to death for sleeping in a meeting which Kim thought was disrespectful. 

The other was Joongang Ilbo, Hwang a former Agriculture minister. His crime was the ideas he had to boost Agricultural production.

They were both executed by an anti graft gun at a military academy in Pyongyang. The north Korean regime is very angry at the moment after a senior official at the London embassy defected to South Korea with his family.

Kim Jong-un is  known for executng his uncle and the second most powerful man in the country in 2012.


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