Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Nigerians beg Japanese Philanthropist and slams the sports minister

On Sunday many Nigerians went on social media to beg Japanese plastic surgeon and philanthropist Katsuya Takasu.
The surgeon told BBC sport how he felt the need to help after he heard of their plight.

The surgeon was reportedly angry at comments made after he donated $390,000 to the U- 23 Dream Team for winning bronze in Rio despite their challenges.The money was a promise he made to them if they win. The team were stranded in Atlanta before the games,arrived some hours before their first match and won the match against Japan in their group, Group B.

Unfortuately the Nigerian sports authorities and sports minister expressed concerns over the donation that they needed to protect their intergrity to avoid accusations of match fixing. And also the credibility of the donor.

Takasu responded to the accusations by venting on twitter. He said'
 “Tell to Nigerian sports minister. Check Takasu foundation, I’m little bit angry now. Nigerian sports minister must check my foundation.” He posted his webapage and asked Nigerians to check the page which described him as a supporter of people in need, women and children' a philantropist.
Nigerians took to twitter to make their comments:

Bankole Michael tweeted, “@katsuyatakasu don’t be angry about your donation sir, it is because you gave it to the players instead of the minister and his officials.”

@Mrkumaloo wrote, “@katsuyatakasu A hero is some1 who has given his/her life to something bigger than oneself. Nigerians will never forget ubcoz u are hero.”

@ejesabu posted, “@katsuyatakasu A Great Man with the concern of the people at heart. Ride on Sir…Many Blessings!!!”

@kelvostika wrote, “@katsuyatakasu Pls sir don’t be disturb by what Hon. Minister said, I’m sure he don’t quite understand the word ‘Philanthropist’ God bless U”

@JGracechild posted, “Dear @katsuyatakasu, pay no mind to that red-beret wearing hollowness called @SolomonDalung. He is a national embarrassment. God bless you!

@herquleez wrote, “@katsuyatakasu how do I thank you in Japanese and do not mind our politicians. Focus on millions of Nigerians who appreciate you.”


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