Monday, 29 August 2016

New iPhone 7 to be unveiled 7th September

Good news to iphone lovers.
California company 'Apple' is finally set to release its annual product launch. The release date is set at September 7 and the new iphone will be unveiled.

Telegraph gathered that invitation has been made and it features a blurry Apply logo made up of an array of multi colouredd dots. The invitations are usually signs of hints about the next iPhone.iPhone 7 and 7pPlus are expected to look fairly similar to the current models but they will have larger and more powerful cameras than the previous ones with a 5.5 inch version probably with a dual lens camera.

For the last 4years Tim Cook has unveiled a new iPhone every september with the exception of htis year when he launched iPhone SE March ending. 

Brexit will affect the price but it is not clear yet how much the iPhone 7and 7 plus will cost yet.But sources are saying it could go for as high as64GB iPhone 7 to cost £619 and £128GB £699.


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