Sunday, 7 August 2016

NEMA Warns: River Niger will soon overflow

Director General of NEMA - Sani Sidi (National Emergency Management Agency) has warned settlements around the area to leave as the river will also overflow showing from its rising sea levels.

The Niger Basin Authority has notified Nigeria of the rising level of the River Niger in Niamey due to the rains in Burkina Faso and Niger Republic. The high levels which has started spreading to Benin Republic will eventually spread to Nigeria nation learnt.

As of Friday the level in all hydrological monitoring stations across the country has exceeded the corresponding values at that time and it was a very alarming situation and needs immediate action.

Warning s are high to prevent the same flooding situation that happened in the country in 2012.

States and local government are to observe and pay attention to be able to avert such threats which might leed to flood.

NEMA DG has called on all persons involved one way or the other to take necessary actions as soon as possible according to their various mandates.


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